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Squirrel Boss

A Shocking New Development in Premium Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

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A Shocking New Development in Premium Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

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A Humane & Effective Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Based in Hawley, Pennsylvania

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great fun.....unless you are a squirrel. It's great to let the little varmints get all stretched out along the side of it and then give them a little jolt. Makes bird watching a lot more fun.

Linda Weber

I  love the squirrel boss, it is so much fun watching the squirrels jump off and now they leave it alone, so now I am going to have to wait till a new one comes along that hasen't tried it yet.

Marlene Norrod

My dad loved this thing!!! It will keep him busy all winter! I may buy another one!

Katrina Lee Savage

After buying numerous bird feeders that ended up being squirrel feeders, our son-in-law found this one. When a squirrel is on the feeder and you press the button, it delivers a light but satisfying shock. The squirrel pops off, acts confused, and then comes right back. However, after the second time, not only does it not come back, but it tells its buddies and the word seems to get out to ALL the squirrels that this not a good place to feed. We just purchased our second one and thought of buying two just to be sure we always have one.


My grandfather has hundreds of bird feeders but every time I go to see him he is complaining about the squirrels so when I saw this on the show Shark Tank I had to buy it!


I have not had a problem with the squirrels since getting it. Just the way the feeder is designed makes it harder for the squirrel to hold on, but if one by chance succeeds, the remote shock gets them down fast. This feeder was worth the money!